Bear Market in Diversification: Can Traditional Strategies Keep Pace?

For years, Wall Street has championed diversification as the ultimate safeguard against market downturns. Investors spread their bets across bonds, equities, and other assets, confident in the timeless mantra. Yet, despite their caution, those who diversified now find themselves trailing behind the US stock market’s relentless ascent. This divergence has sparked a lively debate: Is the age-old wisdom of diversification still relevant, or is it time for a bold new approach?


The Resilient Performance of Diversification

Since 2009, diversified portfolios have delivered steady, respectable growth, averaging annual returns of around 6%, according to Cambria Funds. While the S&P 500 has soared, it’s crucial to recognize that diversification has still provided reliable returns, demonstrating resilience and the capacity to endure market volatility. This underlines a fundamental truth: diversification isn’t about quick gains but about sustained, long-term growth.


The Emotional Rollercoaster of Diversified Investing

Meb Faber, founder of Cambria and a portfolio theory expert, describes the current period as a “bear market in diversification.” His Cambria Global Asset Allocation ETF (GAA) has seen solid annualized returns of 5%, despite trailing the S&P 500. This scenario highlights the emotional challenge investors face—balancing the psychological toll of short-term underperformance with the wisdom of a long-term strategy.


The Magnetic Pull of US Stocks

The unstoppable rise of US stocks, fueled by the robust profitability of Corporate America, has captivated investors. Institutions, including pensions, endowments, and foundations, have wisely invested approximately $21 trillion in diversified strategies. Elevated Treasury yields also provide a safety net, reinforcing the balanced approach of diversification, even as US equities continue to shine.


Historical Wisdom vs. Modern Realities

Historically, diversified portfolios have proven their worth, especially during volatile periods like 2000 to 2008. Financial advisors like Anthony Syracuse of Dynamic Financial Planning face the challenge of restraining clients eager to chase the latest Big Tech rally. The wisdom of diversification is being questioned, yet its foundational strength remains a cornerstone of prudent investing.


The Controversy of Diversification’s Efficacy

The debate over diversification is intensifying. Critics argue that holding underperforming assets drags down overall returns. Some studies suggest retirees might fare better without bonds, challenging the conventional wisdom of a balanced portfolio. However, proponents highlight the stability and reduced risk that diversification brings, particularly during market turmoil.


David Kelly, chief global strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, equates proper asset allocation to home insurance—essential for peace of mind and financial security. Diversified portfolios offer a reliable path to long-term financial goals, even as they face scrutiny from those chasing immediate gains.


Embracing New Frontiers

Despite the dominance of large-cap stocks, diversified portfolios hold untapped potential. Small-cap and international stocks present growth opportunities, while the fixed income market shows resilience. The 2022 inflation-induced selloff in both bonds and stocks underscores the dynamic nature of markets, encouraging investors to stay adaptable and open to new possibilities.


Adapting to Market Evolution

The sustained equity rally and the S&P 500’s consistent strength highlight the vitality of the US market. Investors are increasingly blending traditional and innovative strategies, allowing equity holdings to reach new heights while exploring alternative assets like private equity to enhance returns.


Meb Faber notes that institutions are leaning into private equity, viewing it as an extension of their equity investments. This strategic shift reveals the innovative ways investors are seeking to maximize returns while maintaining a diversified approach, sparking fresh debates and new perspectives.



The debate over diversification’s relevance is more vibrant than ever. While the US stock market’s performance is undeniably impressive, the enduring value of diversification offers stability and steady growth. Investors must navigate this complex landscape, balancing the allure of immediate gains with the wisdom of a diversified strategy. In embracing both traditional and innovative opportunities, investors can confidently pursue long-term financial success, sparking lively discussions and bold decisions in the world of finance.

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