California Judge Halts Usage of Over 75 Pesticides

Earlier this week, California became just the latest jurisdiction to halt the usage of over 75 pesticides due to the program not assessing the potential public health risks. Superior Court Judge James Arguelles has officially ordered the Department of Food and Agriculture to halt the pesticide program within two months. 

It is a growing trend both in the US and in countries around the world as pesticide usage runs rampant. Just last week a report indicated that European pesticide toxicity levels were the highest they’ve been in decades. Last month, another major produce exporter in Morocco also stopped using a long list of pesticides that were found to have direct impacts on the health of people who consumed them. 

With government after government condemning the usage of these toxic pesticides, it opens the door for companies to develop bio pesticides that are made from all natural ingredients. Major chemical companies like Bayer AG (OTC:BAYRY) in Europe and Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW) in the US already have organic pesticides developed by their agricultural divisions. 

One US company, Black Bird Biotech (OTC:BBBT), is hoping to take a major leap to fill the market demand. It’s all natural pesticide called MiteXstream has EPA approval in nearly every State and was recently found to not be toxic to honeybees and other species of pollinators. While Bayer AG and Dow are established companies, stocks like BBBT might be ready for a surge in demand if we do see more jurisdictions adopt organic pesticide solutions. 


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