New York is Getting Serious About Plastic Recycling

While recycling efforts for plastic waste have picked up in recent years, there is a large part of the community that realizes plastic recycling itself has been a failure. 

Sure, there are blue bins and separated recycling bins in public, but there is a long list of plastics that either don’t actually get recycled or are not worth the effort or cost. The State of New York, one of the heaviest plastic users in the country, is looking to make a difference and get serious about plastic waste. 

Two bills are set to be voted on by the New York State Assembly this week. They are meant to put the onus of pollution back on the manufacturers by charging them directly for waste management costs as well as cutting down on the use of single-use plastics in packaging. New York has been putting its money where its mouth is after funding a $4.5 million plastic recycling research center in Buffalo earlier this month. 

The changes are expected to take place over the next ten years if the vote is passed. This could directly affect companies like Waste Management (NYSE:WM) Clean Harbors Inc (NYSE:CLH), and Republic Services (NYSE:RSG) which are three of the largest waste disposal companies in the country. 

It also opens the door for companies like Clean Vision Corp (OTC:CLNV) to invest in new plastic conversion projects on its home soil. Clean Vision, through its subsidiary Clean Seas, has helped to establish plastic conversion networks around the world, and most entered into agreements with Morocco, Sri Lanka, and India. These PCNs take collected plastic waste and turn them into clean energy solutions like its hydrogen-based AquaH fuel. 


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