Changing the digital collectables market means embracing innovative applications. Investors are excited to see the potential returns from companies that capitalize on non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Companies need to show a plan to build out the segment with unique art from talented artists.

SFLMaven (OTC PINK: SFLM), the premium luxury goods and collectables provider, is entering into a new era of online collectables to do just that. Amassing north of $130 million in sales, the company has consistently shown substantial revenue growth opportunities. As a result, investors are peeling back the layers to learn more and make sure this one stays on their watchlist.

The company is exciting investors with its play into NFTs. The move taps into blockchain technology, and that excites investors. This entry also allows collecting and selling in a more secure and fast-paced space. The collectables marketplace vision of CEO Joseph Ladin’s SFLMaven is charged with momentum to hit the ground running. Two decades as a leader in auctioning speciality items has shown the company can drive a premium retail experience.

Joining SFLMaven in the collectables and luxury goods space are companies Capri Holdings Limited (NASDAQ:CPRI) and Pandora Jewelry(NASDAQ:PNDZF).

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