Meticulous Research says Education Analytics Market to be Worth $36 billion

How many of us learn things directly from applications on our smartphones these days? Meticulous Research is estimating that by 2029, the value of this market is going to be worth upwards of $36 billion. This is a CAGR of nearly 24%, opening the door for plenty of winners in this industry.

Language learning apps in particular have garnered massive popularity in recent years. With global travel re-opening, there has been a major push to use these apps while travelling. Instant translations and voice recognition is incredibly accurate now, eliminating many of the barriers for traveling to regions where communication was previously impossible.

Scanning the Apple App store or the Google Play store returns a long list of language and education apps. Companies like Duolingo (NASDAQ:DUOL), Coursera (NYSE:COUR), and Clickstream Technologies (OTC:CLIS) are paving the way with innovative ways to learn new languages. On top of that, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has its suite of language learning apps including Google Translate which can use your camera to translate written text.

Clickstream Technologies is an intriguing company to invest in now. It has its HeyPal social language learning app that has millions of downloads and even a premium version that brings in lucrative recurring revenues. It also has its NFT marketplace, Nifter, which allows up and coming musicians to post music and sell directly to fans. This is certainly a company on the cutting edge of web-based and application technology that could capture a lot of this market by the end of the decade.


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