A new global market evaluation projects strong growth in both offline and online language learning through 2025. Digital learning will be a key driver over this period with the global market expected to triple in size over the next five years.

Major stocks include Cheetah Mobile Inc.(TSX:CMCM), AppLovin Corp (NASDAQ:APP) & Leaf Mobile Inc. (TSX:LEAF)

ClickStream Corporation (OTC:CLIS)’s HeyPal™’s ongoing rapid growth, especially versus its more traditional competitors, is further proof that social language learning is becoming the preferred way to learn a new language, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z,” said Jonathan Maxim, CEO of HeyPal™. “While traditional apps offer basic tools like flashcards and written lessons, they often lack the most important social piece that our platform provides: practising with humans.” The HeyPal™ app incorporates a number of features that actively engage Android and iOS users while enhancing their overall experience, including algorithms that allow users to build their social profiles to increase their global followers, and the ability to upload fun and engaging videos as a form of communication. New features launching soon include predictive text messages HeyPal™ users can send each other with a single tap in the language the recipient is learning and a new matching feature to pair language natives and learners.


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