Bees and Other Wildlife Are At Risk as America Continues to Use Toxic Pesticides??

To many people, bees and other flying insects are more of a nuisance than anything. Ignoring the production of honey which has numerous health benefits, the threat of being stung and having to destroy nests are an annoyance for most of us. But bees are pollinators, which means they play an important role in the growth of plant life and trees around the world. These tiny yellow and black insects are the architects of diverse ecosystems which house millions of other species of insects and wildlife.


But lately, bees just haven’t been around as much as they used to. Global warming and climate change have had a major impact on bees. So too has deforestation which has eliminated large chunks of their natural habitats. If there are no trees, then bees are forced to nest in other places like houses, which of course, leads to us needing to remove them.


Perhaps most significantly, the use of pesticides in crops and forests has toxic chemicals leaching into soils and nearby water sources. The Environmental Protection Agency is believed to extend the legalized use of toxic pesticides known as neonicotinoids, which are extremely harmful to bees and other insects. How harmful? The use of neonicotinoids has been restricted in Canada and already banned in the European Union. Its use is also severely regulated in other countries like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.


The use of neonicotinoids has contributed to the continued decline of insect species around the world, with nearly half a million species being threatened into extinction by the end of this century.


While the organic food industry has certainly made strides in recent years, farmers may have to turn to more environmentally friendly or natural solutions that have the same effect on crops but significantly less damage to wildlife. Solutions like the EPA-approved MiteXstream from Black Bird Biotech (OTC:BBBT) gives us a window into plant-based biopesticides with 100% food-grade ingredients that keep our food sources safe, as well as the environment. MiteXstream specifically targets spider mites but also eliminates any molds or mildews as well.


Advancements in the pesticide industry, like with MiteXstream, could be the long-term solution to reducing damage to wildlife. While the EPA continues to approve harmful neonicotinoids for use on our food crops, less damaging and natural pesticides are being used in countries around the world.


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