CBD Oil Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 32% to reach USD 3.78 Billion till 2027. The global demand for CBD oil market is primarily driven by increasing research funding over the study time frame for cannabinoid research. Biopesticide Stocks have been widely covered on PubCoInsight.

NASDAQ listed CBD stocks are Medical Marijuana Inc (NASDAQ:MJNA), Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX:WEED) &Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSX:ACB)

Grizzly Creek Naturals is a Project of Black Bird Biotech Inc (OTC:BBBT). BBBT recently launched a new and significantly improved e-commerce platform for its Grizzly Creek Naturals CBD products: www.grizzlycreeknaturals.com. “Customers continue to tell us that our CBD products, whether the oils or topicals, are to them tangibly more ‘effective’ than the CBD products they have used previously. Powered by this new website, we intend to spread that message across all digital platforms, beginning immediately,” Mr. Deneault the founder and the president of BBBT Inc exclaimed. The company sells CBD products, including CBD Oils, gummies and pet treats, and CBD-infused personal care products, as well as hand sanitizer gel and spray products. In addition, Black Bird is a licensed grower of industrial hemp under the Montana Hemp Pilot Program.


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