The Reimagining of Natural Farming is here with Blackbird Biotech

Data shows organic food sales in 2020 up 12.8% over sales in 2019. Organic foods make up 6% of all food for sale on shelves in the United States. It is paramount that the investment into products used to protect Americans’ food positively impacts the environment. Biopesticide Stocks are on our regular lists.

Crops such as cannabis, grapes, and strawberries all find their way into your family kitchen. Building shareholder value in a meaningful way requires keeping those crop yields safe without endangering farmers and their families. Learn about a company behind the plant-based biopesticide that is up to the task.

Blackbird Biotech (OTC PINK:BBBT) has the biopesticide that performs.MiteXstream rids plants of spider mites, and farmers can successfully apply it up to the day of harvest. Shareholders love the peace of mind knowing the food Americans are serving to their families is safe.

Along with BASF SE (OTCMKTS: BASFY) and MustGrow Biologics Corp (OTCMKTS: MGROF),Blackbird Biotech is a critical player in the natural farming landscape. BBBT may be pioneering game-changing tech with its EPA registered, non-toxic biopesticide MiteXstream. It has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural marketplace. The company can reach agricultural workers safely while caring for their crops.

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