The Biopesticide Market May Be Spring Cleaning Soon, And Investors Are Excited

Biopesticides are safer and do not contaminate the environment. While in 1993 the global biopesticide market amounted to $100 million, by 2019 it was already at $2.2 billion! Biopesticide stocks are a safer choice for consumers and farmers.

As warmer months and the spring season approach, there are retailers, agriculture workers, and home growers who need a non-toxic biopesticide. A poisonous option in traditional pesticides that can remain in the food that Americans eat is simply not so appealing these days.

The revenue growth potential in the market is becoming clearer. EPA-registered products are some of the most trusted. Agricultural workers want safer farms and environmentally friendly options provide that.

Producer of EPA-registered biopesticide MiteXstream, Blackbird Biotech (OTC PINK:BBBT) joins companies like iShares MSCI Global Agriculture Producers ETF  (NASDAQ:VEGI) and BASF SE (OTCMKTS: BASFY) in the sustainable farming landscape. The testing has been promising and the product performs.

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