Morocco Remains a Top Plastic Waste Contributor in Africa

Morocco is the 25th largest country in Africa by area but is the 10th largest country in terms of plastic waste creation. Even after the Zero Mika law was introduced back in 2016, the country has struggled with eliminating single-use plastics from its industry. On an annual basis, Morocco generates over 570,000 tonnes of plastic waste, a lot of which ends up in the nearby oceans. While this pales in comparison to other countries, it is still a concerning trend from a country that has made efforts to reduce its carbon footprint over the past few years.

Truth be told plastic waste is not just an African issue but a global one. Other countries have attempted to step up the elimination of single-use plastics, including recently with Canada as well as State governments in California and New York. Morocco is taking steps to reduce plastic waste, or at least re-purpose it to be used again. It has partnered with CleanVision Corp (OTC:CLNV) to establish a plastic conversion network that turns collected plastic waste into renewable energy sources. Other companies that are helping the cause include European giant Veolia Environmental (OTC:VEOEY), Waste Management (NYSE:WM), and Clean Harbors (NYSE:CLH).

CleanVision Corp, through its subsidiary Clean Seas, is leading the charge having also worked to establish a plastic conversion network in India. It also has a joint partnership with Puerto Rico, as well as numerous projects stateside as well.

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