Africa Continues to See a Rise in Plastic Pollution Levels

Despite efforts from a number of different non-profit organizations on the continent, the issue is still well out of hand for many countries. Some of Africa’s most scenic beaches and coastlines are now littered with mountains of plastic waste. A lot of it is from African citizens but some even washes ashore from regions like Europe or Australia.

Global companies are starting to get involved with brands like Coca Cola (NYSE:KO) and L’Oreal (OTC:LRLCY) have signed a pact to reduce plastic waste in Kenya. While this looks great on paper, a recent report from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature revealed that Kenya only recycles about 8% of its plastic waste. The capital city of Nairobi creates 2,400 tons of solid waste per day, of which nearly 500 tons are plastic.

The numbers are alarming and one has to wonder about how long we can go until real solutions are implemented. Take a company like CleanVision Corp (OTC:CLNV) which is working with governments around the world to establish Plastic Conversion Networks. These facilities take collected plastic waste and convert it into usable, hydrogen fuel.

CleanVision, through its subsidiary CleanSeas, has already worked with one African government in Morocco, and more could be on the horizon. Eliminating the use of plastics is crucial, but something also has to be done about the millions of tons of plastic that are already floating in the world’s oceans. CleanVision is one company that is offering a real-life solution to this global problem.

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