Top 10 OTC Stocks to Avoid Crypto Volatility

What’s Going in With Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptos aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure. For those who have a higher appetite and risk tolerance with their investments, the crypto markets offer an incredibly high risk/reward profile. For as many millionaires and billionaires that the industry has created, just as many traders have been completely liquidated. This current bear market for cryptos has been one of the worst in the industry’s brief history.


Everything in the crypto world is still traded in sympathy to Bitcoin and Ethereum. How badly has the market fallen? As of mid-June, Bitcoin has fallen to lows of $21,000 USD, and Ethereum hit a low of about $1,100, with many industry analysts predicting these will fall even further as liquidations cascade and margin calls hit leverage traders. In this completely risk-off environment, investors have been pulling out of assets like cryptos.


Scandals Rock the Crypto Industry


Two other significant events have really put the crypto industry under the regulatory microscope. The current rhetoric in the crypto world is that more projects than we originally thought are ponzi schemes and only exist to rugpull investors. The first major event that rocked the crypto world was the Terra Luna scandal where two top ten crypto projects fell to zero in a matter of days. This event wiped out over $40 billion in investor money. The worst part about it? Terra creator Do Kwon took just weeks to spin up Terra 2 with a new Luna token which is already down by more than 50% from it’s all-time high. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you know the rest.


This past week another major crypto project Celsius, which offered high interest returns for holding your cryptos in their platform, blocked withdrawals as rumors swirl about insolvency. As Celsius frantically tries to salvage its business, 1.7 million users with over $8 billion invested in Celsius cannot access their crypto investments.


These two events certainly have not helped the crypto industry gain any sort of legitimacy in the eyes of US regulators. As blue-chip cryptos like BItcoin and Ethereum continue to fall, so too will the entire market. So where can investors look right now to hedge against economic volatility? If you’re looking for alternative investments to cryptos, we’ve got you covered.


Penny Stocks Offer More Stability Right Now

Penny stocks or OTC stocks have a bad reputation amongst some investors. But the allegations of stock manipulation and pump and dump schemes have only affected a small percentage of the overall OTC markets. Any investment you make whether it is blue-chip stocks, OTC stocks, or cryptos requires your own due diligence and research into the business or project.


But in this current market, penny stocks, especially those that trade on the OTCQX exchange, offer more stability and less volatility than cryptocurrencies. Remember, most OTC stocks are legitimate businesses that are trying to uplist to higher volume exchanges like the NASDAQ or NYSE. It is in their best interest to be transparent and forthright to investors. Get your watchlist ready, because we have 10 OTC stocks that are better investments than cryptos right now.



iQSTEL is a budding tech conglomerate that has several operational divisions in high growth sectors. Shouldering much of the company right now is its global B2B telecom services business, iQSTelecom. With over 350 global customers, and a commercial presence in thirteen different countries, iQSTelecom acts as the core operations for iQSTEL, allowing it to branch out into further emerging industries. iQSTelecom also offers blockchain and Internet of Things technology services to customers, putting iQSTEL on the cutting edge of modern telecommunications.


Perhaps one of its more exciting divisions is EVOSS, a full on subsidiary in the electric vehicle sector. If you’re an investor, you know how exciting the EV sector is for investors and for the world. EVOSS makes electric motor bikes which are fast being adopted in lower socioeconomic regions of the world. EVOSS is targeting areas like Latin America and Africa and is looking to spin EVOSS off as a subsidiary that will trade on the NASDAQ exchange.



Did you ever consider investing in an online jewelry store? Of course, SFLMaven isn’t just a jewelry store, it is an online eCommerce marketplace that has recently entered the digital world of NFTs. SFLMaven gained fame with its eBay marketplace store, but has recently expanded its business into the Metaverse world of Decentraland. SFLMaven opened its own NFT marketplace in Decentraland, where players can purchase pieces of digital jewelry to equip on their avatars and playable characters. The Metaverse is projected to be a trillion dollar industry in the future, and SFLMaven is establishing itself with an early-mover advantage.


Black Bird Biotech (OTC:BBBT)

The next two stocks are for the environmental investors out there. Several countries have been making headlines lately regarding the ban of toxic pesticides on our produce. A Europe Union study showed that more than 53% of produce in grocery stores still had elevated pesticide residue beyond what was reasonably healthy for human consumption. Other governments like Morocco and even California have ordered a reduction in toxic pesticide usage. What does this mean? It means that companies that create organic pesticides, like Black Bird Biotech, will soon be in high demand. Black Bird’s MiteXStream eliminates pests such as spider mites from destroying crops like strawberries, coffee, and even cannabis. It is made from natural, plant-based ingredients, and has even been shown to be non-toxic to pollinators like honeybees.


CleanVision Corp (OTC:CLNV)

CleanVision is on the front lines of reducing plastic waste in the world’s oceans. Through its subsidiary, Clean Seas, the company is helping to establish PCNs or Plastic Conversion Networks in countries like India and Morocco. These facilities will take collected plastic waste by local companies and convert it into renewable energy sources like its hydrogen fuel product, AquaH. CleanVision also has the Ecocell subsidiary which creates hydrogen fuel cell technology, with the Kingsberry Fuel Cell Corp. These fuel cells are designed to be used in power stations, for grid-independent residential and commercial power sources. Less than 10% of single-use plastics ever get recycled or repurposed, and CleanVision is working to recycle this waste, clean our oceans, and bring in millions of dollars in revenues while doing it!


Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTC:GBTC)

Grayscale is a trusted authority on digital asset management that trades its crypto assets on the OTC markets. The company allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, and Solana through their tradable “Trusts”. For example, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust allows you to invest in a direct ratio of actual Bitcoin for every share you own. While it isn’t exactly the same as owning Bitcoin directly, it does allow you to invest in cryptos without the hassle of doing so through a centralized exchange. Grayscale’s crypto trusts aren’t exactly penny stocks, but they do trade on the OTCQX markets, and provide exposure to cryptos directly through your brokerage account.

Norsk Titanium AS (OTC:NORSF)

A relatively new addition to the OTCQX exchange, Norsk Titanium is a company based out of Norway. It was established in 2007, Norsk has become a global leader in 3D metal printing, specifically for the aerospace and defense industries. Using its proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition or RPD technology, Norsk is able to print mass amounts of titanium and other metals, in a sustainable way of manufacturing. Norsk already works with some of the largest companies in the world including Bosch, Boeing, and Spirit Aerosystems.


Sigyn Technologies (OTC:SIGY) 

Sigyn Therapeutics is a San Diego-based medical technology firm that is looking to put an end to sepsis. For those who are unaware, sepsis is a life threatening condition and one of the leading causes of death in hospitals around the world. Sigyn recently completed a clinical trial on animals with its EBP or Extracorporeal Blood Purification process. The company is now filing an investigational device exemption from the FDA as it now moves its clinical studies on to humans. If successful, it would open the doors to a massive global market with few competitors. Sigyn is seeking an uplisting to the NASDAQ exchange as well,  and Goldman Small Cap Research has a 12-month price target of $9.00 for this OTC stock.



Fobi.AI is a Vancouver-based tech company that focuses on providing software and services to help companies complete digital transformations. Much of its technology revolves around smartphone integration, particularly with digital wallets and identification. Fobi has some pretty impressive credentials, including providing the technology for credentialed sign-ins at the Oscars and the NASDAQ exchange. It also works with some big name companies like Block, Shopify, and Lightspeed. Fobi’s technology is used in everything from retail and eCommerce to event management to sports and entertainment to fintech.


ClickStream Corporation (OTC:CLIS)

ClickStream is a disruptive technology company that focuses on industries like mobile apps and blockchain-based NFTs. Its two largest subsidiaries thus far are the HeyPal social language learning application and the Nifter Music NFT marketplace. HeyPal has far surpassed 1 million downloads via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and has even introduced a premium subscription model that brings in increased revenues for the company. Nifter is a promising NFT marketplace that did a successful beta launch for up and coming musicians. The platform has also teamed with powerful intellectual property brands like Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and the estate of Stan Lee. ClickStream has other subsidiaries and apps in the pipeline, including a children’s learning app and a play to earn game app.


Endexx Corp (OTC:EDXC)

Endexx Corp is an Arizona-based company that operates in the uber-competitive CBD industry. Endexx has been in the business since 1997 and was involved in CBD before it ever went mainstream. It’s subsidiary CBD Unlimited, provides plenty of products like balms, oils, topicals, and snacks that sell in nationwide retailers like Walgreens and CVS. Endexx also has a pet-CBD product line called PhytoBItes as well as an equine line of products to help with pain and anxiety in horses. As cannabis continues to face roadblocks on its way to US federal legalization, CBD products are fully legal in the US and other markets around the world. This is because CBD is therapeutic and does not contain the active psychoactive ingredient in cannabis called THC.


Summary: Head to the OTC Markets This Summer

We covered a vast range of industries and products that are available on the OTC markets. These top ten penny stocks on the OTC provide a helpful look at legitimate companies that have less volatility right now than cryptocurrencies do. From environmental companies to mobile applications to CBD, the OTC markets really do offer everything for investors looking for some safer investments to make.



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