Ducati Throws its Hat into the Electric Motorcycle Industry

Perhaps it was a sign when famous motorcycle makers like Harley Davidson (NYSE:HOG) and Triumph began to make electric motorcycle models. It was also a sign when Harley Davidson’s first model sold out within minutes of opening up pre-orders, as customers flocked to the latest technology from the legacy brand.

Now, world famous Italian motorcycle brand Ducati has entered the market with one caveat: the first bikes will only be made for racing for the FIM MotoE racing series. Still, it bodes well for Ducati’s loyal customer base that the popular motorcycle maker is moving into the electric industry. With the global automotive industry trending towards electrification in the future, it should come as no surprise that these companies are joining in the fun.

Other smaller electric motorcycle makers also stand to gain in a market that should grow exponentially over the next decade. Brands like iQSTEL (OTC:IQST) and its subsidiary EVOSS, Bird Global Inc (NYSE:BRDS), and Volcon Inc (NASDAQ:VLCN) all stand to gain from larger companies joining in the market.

EVOSS was recently offered a buyout offer from a privately held company, but the iQSTEL Board of Directors declined it. Instead, the company is now spinning EVOSS off into its own entity that will debut on the NASDAQ exchange in the near future.

Featured: $HOG $IQST $BRDS $VLCN

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