Elon Musk’s Bold Moves and a Controversial Bullish Forecast

In the tumultuous arena of Wall Street, Tesla stands tall as a polarizing force, with Dan Ives, the managing director and senior equity research analyst at Wedbush, delivering a narrative that’s nothing short of riveting. Brace yourselves as we unravel Elon Musk’s audacious strategies, Tesla’s feats in the cutthroat EV market, and the stirring trends that promise to elevate the company to new heights in the controversial landscape of 2024.


A Symphony of Surprises:

Tesla, the disruptor extraordinaire, is rewriting the script on Wall Street, and Dan Ives is the conductor of this exhilarating symphony. Shunning the skeptics, Ives boldly declares that Tesla is on the verge of a metamorphic phase, leaving detractors scratching their heads. The once-thorny price war in China? According to Ives, it’s approaching a 95% resolution, adding a dramatic twist to the narrative of Tesla’s financial saga.


China’s Got Nothing on Tesla’s Record Quarter:

Forget the doomsday prophecies; Tesla just flexed its muscles in China with a record-breaking quarter, throwing shade on those who predicted a Tesla downturn in 2023. Far from wilting, Tesla emerged from the storm stronger, prompting Ives to predict a blockbuster year in 2024, leaving bears to nurse their wounds while the Tesla bulls revel in a victory lap.


Margins: The Ace Up Tesla’s Sleeve:

In a Wall Street poker game of epic proportions, Elon Musk dealt a hand that’s being hailed as a “move for the ages” by Ives. The result? Margins stabilizing and an imminent upward trajectory that promises to set Tesla on fire. As the Cybertruck waits in the wings and battery technology gears up for a revolution, Tesla’s offensive stance could potentially rewrite the stock rating playbook.


AI and FSD: Tesla’s Technological Thunderclap:

Tesla’s not just in the business of cars—it’s orchestrating a technological symphony. Ives singles out Tesla as the maestro of artificial intelligence, with Full Self-Driving tech as the crescendo. In an industry racing toward autonomy, Tesla’s technological prowess is set to send shockwaves through the market, challenging the status quo and redefining the playing field.


Diverse Portfolio, Daring Predictions:

Ives isn’t holding back on predictions, dropping a bombshell about a sub-$30,000 Tesla, set to hit the market by Thanksgiving. With a swagger that’s characteristic of Tesla’s CEO, Ives claims profitability is on the horizon, backed by Tesla’s unique arsenal of software, margins, and an unapologetic desire to crush the competition.


China Strategy: Debunking the Netflix Drama:

China’s supposed threat to Tesla’s growth? Ives dismisses it as a fictional Netflix saga, pointing to Tesla’s stellar performance in the region. In the green tidal wave transforming the auto industry, Tesla’s surfboard is riding high, leaving competitors struggling to keep up.


Tesla: A Tech Marvel with an Attitude:

Is Tesla a car company or a tech company? Ives settles the debate with a resounding declaration: Tesla is a disruptor, a tech marvel, challenging traditional norms. Wall Street, take note, as Ives likens Tesla’s unique valuation to the legends of sports, equating it to Tom Brady, LeBron James, and Tiger Woods—all rolled into one.


Navigating Risks: Elon Musk as the Trump Card:

In a world where risks are the norm, Ives throws a curveball by claiming Elon Musk isn’t a risk but Tesla’s greatest asset. As geopolitical tensions cast shadows, Ives predicts Tesla will weather the storm with Musk at the helm, defying conventional wisdom and leaving Tesla skeptics in the dust.



As Tesla hurtles toward a trillion-dollar market cap, Dan Ives paints a picture that’s as thrilling as a blockbuster movie. Despite occasional stock rollercoasters, Ives invites investors to strap in for an exhilarating ride, appreciating Tesla’s intrinsic value and Musk’s flair for the dramatic. In an era of economic optimism and controversial stock predictions, Tesla emerges as not just an auto giant but as a provocateur, daring the world to challenge its ascendancy in the tumultuous year that lies ahead.


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