Eric Schmidt Warns of AI’s Potential Threat to Democracy and Daily Life

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes the tech sector faces a “reckoning” due to the rapid deployment and influence of AI technologies like ChatGPT. AI has the potential to address significant societal issues, such as improving access to healthcare and education resources.

However, AI also presents new challenges, such as deepfakes and the potential for manipulation of people’s day-to-day lives, which could impact the functioning of democracies.

High-profile AI chatbots, like Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s offering, have raised concerns about safety, bias, and accuracy.

Schmidt has previously discussed the potential for AI in military applications, suggesting that the Pentagon could leverage AI advancements to modernize weapons and circumvent slow defense upgrades.

He also warns that AI could harm politics by enabling the spread of false information and “outrageous” messaging.

To ensure AI benefits society, Schmidt suggests that the government and private sector must agree on AI regulation and create an organization to set controls on how the technology is used.

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