CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY BILL IS GOING TO PUSH FEDERAL CANNABIS LEGISLATION CLOSER describes CBD tinctures as alcohol-based tinctures where the plant preserved is a high-CBD strain of cannabis (usually hemp), these are produced by steeping a high-CBD source plant in high-proof grain alcohol followed by the application of low heat for a significant period of time. CBD tinctures have recently seen increased usage as a therapeutic remedy for several ailments. The organic nature means there are significantly lesser adverse side effects in comparison to conventional pharmaceutical solutions.

CBD infused products for consumption and applications are regulated by the FDA, which has been slow to improve the regulatory environment. California recently passed the California Assembly Bill 45 which allows hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) to be included in any food, beverages, and dietary supplements sold in California.

Companies like Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB), Charlotte’s Web Holdings (OTC:CWBHF), Village Farms Intl (NYSE:VFF),and , Endexx Corp. (OTC:EDXC)  have been operating on the NASDAQ and the OTC Markets. Endexx Corp (OTC:EDXC), one of the pioneer CBD retailer’s joint venture with DJ Khaled is a prime attempt at making CBD products more common. Since several states have started taking liberty at making their own cannabis laws, the pressure on need for federal legislation increases and brings it closer.


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