Over the next six years, the health and wellness industry is expected to grow at a 6% annual rate, surpassing $6 trillion in revenue by 2025. This growth, largely driven by the boom of holistic health services and products, is a wave that many health and wellness businesses are looking to ride. CBD is another market experiencing tremendous growth. Hemp CBD Stocks have been on our lists since a while now.

Major stocks in the health and wellness industry are Middlefield Health & Wellness (TSX:HWF), Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. (NASDAQ:HLF) &Lifeist Wellness Inc.(TSX:LFST)

Endexx Corporation (OTC;EDXC)’s BLESSWELL was created to introduce men to a whole body, holistic form of self-care which was inspired by DJ Khaled’s pursuit for wellness, and time spent in the Honeywell of the Jamaican Irie. Further, BLESSWELL conducts rigorous third-party laboratory testing, quality control and provides clear and detailed certificates of authenticity. Each product formula is evaluated through clinical testing according to cosmetic industry standards. The products have had raving reviews from the users, the reviews can be checked on their website https://www.blesswell.co/.


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