iQSTEL Announced Consolidation of Telecom Operations to Enhance Earnings and Drive Growth

iQSTEL Inc. (OTCQX: IQST) has revealed its plans to consolidate its telecom subsidiaries under the Telecom Division, with the aim of improving earnings and fostering sustainable growth. The initial step involves merging Etelix and SwissLink, which is expected to contribute $500,000 to the company’s bottom line. This consolidation, along with the introduction of new high-margin products and services, reflects iQSTEL’s commitment to delivering positive financial performance.


Boosting Financial Performance and Growth

iQSTEL’s strategic consolidation of telecom services signifies a significant milestone in its pursuit of sustainable and humble growth. CEO Leandro Iglesias highlights the positive impact this initiative will have on earnings, while also emphasizing the importance of new product offerings. These endeavors position iQSTEL for continued profitability and drive future growth.


SwissLink 2.0 Initiative

The consolidation initiative, known as SwissLink 2.0, marks the integration of Etelix and SwissLink into a unified business organization. By combining teams and optimizing operations, iQSTEL aims to enhance its telecom services and prioritize customer satisfaction. The consolidation process has been carefully designed to ensure a seamless transition, with no disruptions or changes to existing service agreements.


Improved Voice Services and Quality

As part of the consolidation, Etelix’s voice services have been seamlessly migrated to iQSTEL’s proprietary VAMP platform, powering SwissLink. This migration enhances voice services, improving overall quality and reliability for iQSTEL customers. Leveraging advanced technology solutions, iQSTEL continues to provide cutting-edge services for enhanced communication experiences.


Expanded Product Portfolio and Access

Through consolidation, Etelix customers gain access to a wider range of products and services offered by SwissLink. This expansion provides clients with more options to meet their evolving telecommunication needs effectively. iQSTEL remains dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that cater to diverse customer requirements.


Introducing SwissLink: The Consolidated Brand

The consolidated operation resulting from this initiative will be known as SwissLink. Under the leadership of CEO Juan Carlos Lopez, COO Ralf Kohler, and Sales Director Helmut Stricker, SwissLink will leverage the combined expertise and resources of the consolidated entities. The brand will emphasize its specialization in providing European and Transatlantic international telecom services. With a humble approach and capable leadership, iQSTEL aims to establish itself as a leading global wholesale telecom service provider.



iQSTEL’s consolidation of telecom operations signifies a significant milestone on its path to sustained growth and improved financial performance. By merging Etelix and SwissLink, iQSTEL aims to enhance earnings, introduce high-margin products and services, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Through the SwissLink 2.0 initiative, iQSTEL is well-positioned to excel in the competitive telecommunications industry and strives to become a globally recognized leader.


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