iQSTEL CEO Leandro Iglesias Predicts a Successful Year for the Company in 2023

iQSTEL, Inc.’s (OTCQX: IQST) Chairman and CEO, Leandro Iglesias, recently stated that he predicts 2023 will be a highly successful year for the company. Iglesias has projected that the company will experience revenue growth, generate positive net income, reach thousands of users for its Fintech platform, and deploy its proprietary internet of things (IoT) solutions across several industrial facilities. Additionally, iQSTEL is set to introduce its Mid Speed Car to the market and complete the manufacturing of the second and third batch of its electric motorcycles for the US and EU. Despite global headwinds, the company is aggressively pursuing growth in multiple areas, such as Telecom, IoT, Fintech, Electric Vehicles, and Blockchain.

The CEO reaffirmed the company’s $105 million 2023 revenue forecast and also said the company would show more than $1 million of net income by the end of the year. He expressed his confidence that IQSTEL’s share price will eventually rise to reflect its ‘extraordinary operational performance.’

For shareholders of iQSTEL, this news could be very promising. If the company is able to achieve its projections, it could result in a significant increase in shareholder value


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