iQSTEL’s Profitability & Growth Surge: A Compelling Play for Traders and Long-Term Investors?

iQSTEL is making waves with a 50% revenue surge to $140 million, major profit growth, and positive operating income. This kind of momentum excites traders seeking short-term gains, but should long-term investors also be paying attention? With a multi-sector strategy and impressive financials, iQSTEL could be building a foundation for both breakout potential and lasting value.

What Traders Are Watching Revenue Explosion: That 50% surge, even before the QXTEL acquisition, signals strong topline growth.

Profit Powerhouse: Revenue Per Share is key for sustainable growth, and iQSTEL’s jump is attracting attention.

Positive Income: Profitability validates their model and can fuel further expansion. Chart Potential: iQSTEL’s past trading history, combined with stronger fundamentals, could hint at a breakout.

NASDAQ Potential: An uplisting could significantly increase visibility and investor interest.


The Long-Term Investor’s View

Diversified Growth: iQSTEL’s telecom, EV, and fintech play aligns with high-growth sectors.

Profit-Driven Model: They’re not just chasing hype, they’re building a profitable, sustainable business.

Potential for Revaluation: Strong fundamentals, if maintained, could justify a significantly higher stock price long term.


The Bigger Picture

iQSTEL’s current trajectory presents a potentially compelling opportunity for both traders seeking a breakout and investors looking for long-term growth prospects. Its mix of momentum and strong fundamentals warrants close attention from both camps.

Important: As always, do your own comprehensive research before making any investment decisions.



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