What is SIGYN Therapeutics?

What is SIGYN Therapeutics?
Sigyn Therapeutics (OTC:SIGY) is a medtech company that is based out of San Diego, California. This isn’t your normal, everyday biotechnology firm though. Sigyn Therapeutics wants to attack the global medical system at one of the leading causes of hospital death: sepsis. If you are unsure of what sepsis is, it is a life-threatening condition that is also known as blood poisoning. It is essentially a systematic chain reaction that is caused by your body trying to fight off a severe infection. Sepsis initially affects the immune system, and then attacks tissues and organs.

According to Sigyn, sepsis is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, is the cause of death in over 5 million children worldwide each year, and costs the US healthcare system over $24 billion annually. To say this is a mostly untapped market is an understatement. Currently the main treatment for sepsis is antibiotics, which must be administered as soon as possible following diagnosis. One of Sigyn’s only publicly traded competitors is New Jersey-based CytoSorb (NASDAQ:CTSO). In comparison, Sigyn’s sepsis treatment solution has a higher number of absorbent components, more therapeutic targets, and a higher surface absorption area.

Sigyn’s Significant Steps Forward

Sigyn is looking to enter the market of EBP or Extracorporeal Blood Purification which is a process often linked with dialysis treatments for kidney failure. According to Sigyn, its goal is as follows: “We envisioned a device that could extract pathogen sources of life threatening inflammation in concert with the broad-spectrum modulation of inflammatory mediators that fuel sepsis”.

While this might sound like technology out of a science fiction movie, Sigyn’s solutions are very much coming to fruition. In February of this year, Sigyn reached a major milestone after it had completed a successful clinical trial of its process in animals. It is now in the process of filing an investigational device exemption with the FDA to begin clinical studies in humans.

If successful, Sigyn could rapidly begin to tackle this industry that is desperately seeking solutions to what is a global crisis. Once approved, Sigyn’s EBP technology system is broadly deployable as it utilizes a single-use disposable device model. It is also extremely efficient, as it is able to make over 17 passes of the entire bloodstream in approximately 4 hours. Finally, Sigyn’s therapy will have a cutting edge extraction mechanism that will eliminate any further blood toxicity.

Why Sigyn Stock is a Hidden Gem
We often look at successful companies now and wonder why we could not discover them when they were startups. Identifying which companies will emerge as market leaders is difficult to do, but when done correctly, can bring life-changing gains. Sigyn fits this description and then some. The company’s breakthrough in February is a significant step towards legitimacy. One major stock analyst agrees as Rob Goldman of Goldman Small Cap Research has a forward looking price target of $9.00 per share. This is exponentially higher than its current stock price of $0.35.

Sigyn has an established total addressable market with minimal competitors and the ability to save millions of lives as well as saving billions of dollars. That is a winning formula for a medtech company if there ever was one. On top of that, the recently hired CFO, Jeremy Farrell is taking an aggressive stance on the company’s finances. While Sigyn continues to burn cash as it approaches its clinical trial with humans, Farrell is looking to the public markets as a way to raise additional capital. Despite a rocky time for stock investors, Farrell is convinced that issuing new shares of the company’s stock will be appealing to new investors following Sigyn’s compelling successes with animals.

Perhaps most bullish of all is that Farrell has plans to uplist directly to the NASDAQ exchange. The major index is much more liquid and will bring Sigyn under the microscope. Farrell believes the company is more than capable of handling the challenge, although he does note that a half-step to the OTCQB Venture market would also be beneficial.

If you are in search of undiscovered, under the radar companies that have the potential to see significant gains from today, then Sigyn should be at the top of your list. With an aggressive management team and several potential bullish catalysts for the rest of this year, it might not be long before we see Sigyn trading closer to Goldman’s $9.00 price target on the NASDAQ exchange.

Visit https://www.sigyntherapeutics.com/ for more information.
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