Genomics in Cancer Care Market is Going to be Worth $72.61 Billion by 2032

This is according to a recent Prophecy Market Insights report that covered a long list of different use cases and applications of genomics in the cancer care market. Cancer is a potentially fatal disease that is caused by an alteration to our genomic makeup. Currently, genomics is widely used in cancer treatment and diagnosis, but potential future uses include gene editing to alter our DNA directly.

There are a number of different genomics and biotech companies that are currently researching the cancer care market. These include globally recognized names like Agilent Technologies (NYSE: A), Illumina, Inc (NASDAQ: ILMN), Pacific Biosciences of California (NASDAQ: PACB), and Ludwig Enterprises (OTC: LUDG).

Ludwig is a relatively new name in the industry but it has already made quick work in establishing itself as a leader. By establishing the Ludwig mRNA Inflammation Index, Ludwig is creating a way to use genetic markets to detect cancer at an early stage and provide patient-specific treatments. Ludwig is focussing on determining the linkages between chronic inflammation and more serious diseases like cancer or even diabetes or heart disease.

Featured: $A $ILMN $PACB $LUDG

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