Healthcare Technology is Improving Patient Safety While Relieving Healthcare Workers

One of the largest drains on healthcare workers is the constant physical supervision of patients. Whether is cutting down on fatigue or travel, new innovative technologies can help to improve the quality of care that is provided. With an aging global population, the demand for healthcare workers has never been higher, and healthcare technology companies are doing their best to alleviate some of the pressure in this highly stressful industry. 

A number of companies are improving patient care while also making it less physically taxing for caretakers. From major corporations like Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) or 3M Healthcare (NYSE: MMM) to medical startups like MetAlert (OTC: MLRT) or TelaDoc (NYSE: TDOC), healthcare technology is revolutionizing the industry and improving our overall quality of care. 

MetAlert is focusing on assisting current patients with Dementia and other neurological issues. Its flagship SmartSole GPS insoles can prevent patients from wandering and can send a real-time alert to caretakers or family members if they have left a designated area. The company has also created RoomMate, the remote senior care supervision hardware that can provide both privacy and immediate care in the case of an emergency. 

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