Metalert Ends Toxic Convertibles, Offers Stability To Public Float

Convertible notes are a form of debt that can convert at deep discounts to market price, and they can contribute to shareholder dilution and price instability for small issuers. MetAlert, Inc. extinguished all of their toxic convertible notes from their balance sheet, which should provide increased stability to their public float in the immediate term. In addition, the influx of new chips in Q4 2022 should significantly increase production of SmartSole units in early 2023 to help fulfill current backorders now in place.

The elimination of toxic debt, improved guidance to their NFC operations, and launch of new medical devices geared towards the geriatric and autism healthcare markets now places the company in a much healthier position going forward into 2023. Financial analysts believe that this will be welcomed news to investors who have been waiting for some clear direction from management regarding the future of the company. With a strong product pipeline and renewed focus on execution, MetAlert is now well-positioned to deliver shareholder value in the coming years.


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