MetAlert, Inc. Launches New 4G GPS SmartSole in Sweden

MetAlert, Inc. (OTC: MLRT) recently announced the launch of its new 4G LTE GPS SmartSole in Sweden through its distribution partner Posifon AB. This upgraded GPS SmartSole is part of Posifon’s recently won national service agreement with major municipalities across Sweden related to providing home care, personal tracking and security for seniors. Initial shipments have been distributed to healthcare organizations such as memory care clinics, hospitals and social care organizations across Sweden.

The Benefits of the 4G SmartSole

The new 4G GPS SmartSole is designed to provide comfort and safety for those who wear it by monitoring their location in real-time and sending alerts via text or email to their caregivers if they wander off or become lost. The device has a 3-5 day battery life, fully charges in about 2 hours, is not visible so it preserves the wearers dignity, is water-resistant, ideal for autistic kids who are attracted to water, comfortable, and easy to use for the caregiver—providing an all around reliable tracking technology. In addition, the device can be customized with a variety of features and comes in 3 trim to fit sizes.

The GPS SmartSole Plus

MetAlert is also expected to announce the launch of its GPS SmartSole Plus product later in the quarter which will come with all the normal features plus Wi-Fi tracking for indoors and Bluetooth for connecting other wearable medical devices turning the SmartSole plus it into a mobile hub. This new product has potential applications that extend far beyond elderly care services; it could be used by parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts or by people seeking extra security while traveling abroad. It offers users peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen to them while away from home they would be able to access help quickly and easily via their mobile phone or tablet device.


As MetAlert continues its expansion into Europe, investors should keep an eye on both the company’s 4G GPS SmartSole product line and its upcoming GPS SmartSole Plus product line for additional updates throughout 2023. These products offer a wide array of benefits that could potentially revolutionize the way we think about personal security, health and quality of life—especially when it comes to elderly care services—making them an intriguing option for investors looking to capitalize on this emerging technology trend. As more governments around the world seek ways to protect vulnerable populations like seniors and children, MetAlert’s products are well-positioned as potential solutions that could help these groups stay safe while still enjoying their freedom.


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