MetAlert, Inc. (OTC: MLRT) GPS SmartSole: Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States and the only leading cause of death without a cure or prevention. $MLRT – MetAlert is doing its part to change that by helping to prevent wandering incidents with the world’s first invisible GPS tracking device for caregivers of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism patients –The GPS SmartSole.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and cognitive skills. Early onset Alzheimer’s disease can appear in people as young as their 30s or 40s. The most common risk factor for developing the disease is age, with the majority of cases diagnosed in people over 65 years old. Other risk factors include family history, genetics, and head injuries.

There are two types of Alzheimer’s disease – early onset and late onset. Early onset Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 5-10% of all cases and tends to run in families. Symptoms of early onset Alzheimer’s disease appear suddenly and progress quickly. Late onset Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 90-95% of all cases and usually appears after age 65. Symptoms of late onset Alzheimer’s disease develop slowly and gradually worsen over time.

What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

The most common symptom of early onset Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss, particularly forgetting recent events or conversations. Other symptoms can include difficulty performing familiar tasks, problems with language, disorientation, mood changes, and changes in personality. In late onset Alzheimer’s disease, initial symptoms are often mild and may not be noticed by family and friends. As the disease progresses, symptoms can include memory loss, confusion, difficulty speaking or writing, poor judgment, withdraw from work or social activities, mood changes, and changes in personality.

How does MetAlert GPS SmartSole help?

Wandering is a common symptom of dementia which can result in serious injury or even death if the wanderer becomes lost for an extended period of time. According to a study by the University of Stirling, 56% of dementia patients will wander at some point during the course of their illness. One in five wanderers will suffer severe injury like a broken bone or head injury while one in ten will die from exposure to the elements like heat stroke or hypothermia if not found within 24 hours.

With MetAlert’s GPS SmartSole, caregivers can have peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe at all times. SmartSole uses patented technology to provide real-time location data for loved ones who wander off. The GPS tracking device is concealed inside a comfortable orthopedic shoe insole that can be worn by men, women,or children, with 3 trim to fit sizes that can fit a foot size 5 to 15.  If your loved one wanders off, you will receive an alert on your smartphone with their exact location so you can quickly locate them and bring them home safely.



SmartSole is doing its part to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s during the month of November by helping to prevent wandering incidents with its GPS tracking device – SmartSole. With MetAlert GPS SmartSole, caregivers can have peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe at all times. If you would like to learn more about $MLRT – MetAlert GPS SmartSole or purchase a device for your loved one, please visit their website at

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