Is Apple Getting into the Metaverse?

There have been rumors swirling that tech giant Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is about to make a splash in the Metaverse hardware industry. CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview with China Daily USA that the company is excited about the AR industry and what it can bring to it. This likely links to rumors that Cook showed the Apple Board of Directors an AR/VR Headset prototype earlier this year.

Apple’s entry to the Metaverse industry would certainly put other big tech companies on notice. Specifically companies like Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) and NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) have already dedicated billions to creating these virtual worlds. Both companies have also been linked to headsets, with Meta utilizing its acquisition of Oculus VR.

Apple would no doubt be integrating some of its existing apps and services like its digital payment system, Apple Pay. This could mean Apple envisions retail as a leading component of the Metaverse. This bodes well for eCommerce companies like Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) and SFLMaven (OTC:SFLM), both of which operate in the Metaverse eCommerce industries in different ways.

SFLMaven is the smallest company on this list but it has already made big waves in the Metaverse. It recently opened its own store in Decentraland, which makes it the first jewelry-based NFT store in the world.


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