Nike, Adidas Amongst Brands Opening in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is flexing its retail muscle right now as being the future for digital eCommerce experiences. Last month, retail giant Nike (NYSE:NKE) reported that its Metaverse store, Nikeland, in the game Roblox (NYSE:RBLX) had already seen 7 million visitors. Major brands like Adidas, Forever 21, and even luxury retailer Hermes are opening their own Metaverse stores.

Other brands like SFLMaven (OTC:SFLM) who has focussed its entire business online have a much simpler transition to the Metaverse. SFLMaven is set to open its own Metaverse store in partnership with MetaSkins Studios in the online world known as Decentraland. Companies that are embracing digital transformation might just be the ones that thrive in the new digital world. Adding stocks like Roblox or SFLMaven to your Metaverse portfolio could be a great way of getting ahead of the market in an emerging industry. 


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