Most bets are placed on sports, such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket, boxing, and auto racing. However, sports betting also extends to non-athletic events, such as horse racing and eSports.In terms of popularity, the football segment accounted for the largest revenue share in 2020. According to Global Social Media Overview, there are more than 4.8 billion people who are active internet users. Participation in online betting permits players to monitor betting activities in real-time through their devices. Online Sports Betting Stocks have long been on our lists

Major Newyork Exchange listed stocks include Roundhill Investments (NYSE :BETZ),Entain plc (NASDAQ:GMVHF) &Resorts International (NYSE:MGM).

WINNERS Inc. (OTC:WNRS)  is a registered sports gambling affiliate that intends to drive traffic to gaming operators for commission. The company is currently registered in West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee and is able to operate in Nevada, Illinois and Iowa. They revealed their  “Krush House Network” in May 2021, initially beginning with three weekly podcasts focused on sports, betting and handicapping. Krushhouse airs Friday evenings, and is co-hosted by comedian Frank Nicotero, former NFL quarterback, ESPN NFL analyst Sean Salisbury and Wayne Allyn Root and continues to host many esteemed handicappers and sports experts like Pete Rose, former NFL quarterback, NBA champion Rick Mahorn and a lot more.


$WNRS – Winners Inc.

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