iQSTEL Announces Strong Growth, Profitability and Moves Towards NASDAQ Qualifications

•iQSTEL, Inc. announced that their revenue in October 2022 reached $9.4 million, which is an 83% increase from what was recorded in October 2021.
• On Monday this week, the company filed their Q3 financial report for FY 2022 and reported a 33% increase in revenue compared to the same period last year. They also reported that YTD through September 30, 2022, they had made over $65 million dollars in revenue.
• The highlight of the Q3 financial statement was iQSTEL reporting its first operating and consolidated income positive period- meaning they achieved one of their financial objectives for FY-2022 earlier than anticipated.
• Between the $65 million already made YTD and the additional $9.4 million made in October (totaling $74.4), management is confident that iQSTEL will meet or exceed its annual forecasted revenue of $90 million for 2022 .
• As of September 30th ,Stockholder’s equity has increased 172% compared to Q3 2021 and surpasses the Nasdaq minimum listing requirement; further supports up-listing objective


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