Bringing a Fresh Approach to Co-Living Spaces

Co-living companies have shown resilience during the pandemic. As rent prices have gone up and REITs have climbed higher, investors are looking for companies that take on real estate and the co-living movement with innovative solutions. Driving a meaningful conversation means changing the city living model into something that also spells revenue growth potential for prospective shareholders.

Enter Metrospaces to change the co-living narrative. Consequently, Q3 of 2020 saw co-living properties perform a remarkable 23% higher than conventional properties. So it’s no wonder investors are keeping prop-tech companies on their “ones to watch” list of stocks.

MetroHouse represents a property management company aiming for luxury co-living spaces. The company comes from the organization (Metrospaces) that makes tokenization a reality in real estate with its MetroCrowd platform. MetroHouse is a rare opportunity for shareholders to get in on a company bringing a solution to a market that has seen rent prices and rental property REITs climb.

MetroHouse (OTC:MSPC) is reframing the Co-living ecosystem and creating luxury residences for nomadic business types. Metrospaces CEO Oscar Brito remarked, “We’re thrilled to launch the beta test of our first prop-tech platform, MetroHouse.” Metrospaces (OTC PINK:MSPC) brings city living together in one bill with MetroHouse.

Joining Metrospaces are companies like Opendoor Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: OPEN), Zillow Group Inc Class A (NASDAQ: ZG), & Compass Inc (NYSE: COMP)

Learn more about this company at and follow them on social media: Twitter at, on Facebook, and Instagram at


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