RoomMate: Revolutionizing Fall Prevention in the Healthcare Industry

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines falls as unintentional events resulting in a person resting on the ground or at a lower level. Globally, approximately 37.3 million non-fatal falls requiring medical attention occur each year, according to the WHO. Additionally, falls cause around 684,000 deaths worldwide, with adults over 60 being the most at risk.

Preventing falls should always be a priority given their perilous and unpredictable nature, particularly in environments where immediate help is not always available. Seeking professional help is highly recommended and encouraged for those who have fallen in the past, as they can carry out tests to prevent future falls. While falls are unavoidable, fall detectors can significantly mitigate the consequences of such events while identifying the cause and risk factors associated with falls.

According to the NHS, approximately 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 will experience at least one fall per year. As a result, the implementation of fall detectors in residential homes, care homes, and other assisted living facilities is crucial. MetAlert offers a 100% cloud-based, scalable platform that enables care providers to fully benefit from modern fall detection solutions, making the transition away from analog platforms seamless.

MetAlert RoomMate is a wall-mounted 3D sensor that detects and alerts about behavior leading to falls, eliminating the need for wearables. The system also reduces staffing requirements and travel expenses while improving security, sleep quality, and overall quality of life. With anonymized supervision and automated monitoring, patients’ personal space is not intruded upon. The system can alert about various incidents with an anonymized image and/or sound of the situation. Two-way communication is also available through the wall unit.

The RoomMate monitoring system is a complete solution with full integration with an existing nurse calling systems and other sensors. It has been installed in over 4,500 locations globally, resulting in increased capacity for all care models, fewer sick days among healthcare professionals, and a substantial reduction in falls and hip fractures among patients/residents. The system’s business model and technology support fast deployment and provide documented benefits.

Physical supervision can be a drain on caregiving resources, but RoomMate reduces sick leave among caregivers and travel expenses. The system detects and alerts about behavior leading to falls and is supported across multiple platforms. With improved sleep quality, privacy, and dignity, patients can enjoy a higher quality of life in their homes, care homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. The system also provides easy expansion with add-on sensors for seamless integration. Active sensors, such as alert pull cords, pendants, wristbands, and motion sensors, can be wirelessly added to the RoomMate monitoring system. Visit RoomMate senior care supervision and monitoring with fall prevention ( for more information.


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