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PubCo Insight is a site that is dedicated to finding industry trends and providing research information for all sectors of the stock market. This includes providing insight on companies that trade on the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, the OTC Markets. Publicly traded companies are constantly providing business updates and financial reports to their shareholders. It’s not always easy to find this information so we here at PubCo Insight will be doing this for our readers on a regular basis moving forward. Here are the latest updates from some companies that we have been following.

Endexx (OTC:EDXC)

The Cannabis industry has been in the headlines as of late, with the passing of the MORE Act vote in the House of Representatives at the beginning of April, as well as the annual 4/20 unofficial marijuana holiday. While the sentiment around federal legalization has been overly positive, cannabis stocks have not been as bullish.

Some might have looked at Endexx’s stock this week and noticed some unusual price action. A 98% drop in stock price is unusual, and experienced investors will know to look deeper into what actually happened. Endexx missed a filing deadline which halted OTC trading, which automatically moved the stock to the Experts Markets. This is an exchange where investors need to buy and sell stocks with limit orders through the OTC and not directly through their brokerages. Endexx will find its stock on the Experts Markets until it files its financial reports which is anticipated to be by next week.

Nothing has fundamentally changed for Endexx’s business so it might actually be a good time for savvy traders to jump in and take advantage of the lower prices. Once it gets back to Current Pink status, we anticipate the price volatility to subside and return to previous levels.

Iqstel (OTC:IQST)

Earlier this week, Iqstel reported its financial results from the month of March and the company did not disappoint. The tech company reported a 44% year over year growth in revenues and 59% year over year growth in gross profits. It was another victory for CEO Leandro Iglesias who  is known throughout the industry for his transparency with shareholders and willingness to share results via regular letters to shareholders.

Along with the revenue and profit growth, Iqstel reduced its losses and liabilities and increased shareholder equity by a staggering 368%. Currently the company is focusing on its electric motorcycle segment which has garnered attention in key Latin American and African markets. No word yet on the three acquisition targets that Iglesias mentioned earlier in the month, but any additional subsidiaries will only serve to expand Iqstel’s portfolio of strong, tech brands.

Clean Vision Corp (OTC:CLNV)

It was a busy couple of weeks for CEO Daniel Bates who had a productive trip to India. The trip was to commence the pilot pyrolysis plant in Hyderabad, which will act as a showcase for the project to surrounding countries. This showcase paid off quickly for Clean Vision subsidiary Clean Seas, as it inked agreements with the governments of Sri Lanka and Morocco to provide its plastic to renewable fuel source treatment plants to these markets.

Clean Seas also pledged to help the country of Puerto Rico which has been devastated by natural disasters. The plant is expected to be operational by 2023, and will provide an estimated $70 million in annual revenues and process 500 tonnes of plastic waste per day. It has certainly been a hot streak for Clean Seas and Bates, and the stock is up more than 26% in 2022. Look for Bates to keep rolling as he eyes new markets to expand into in the near future.

Clickstream Corp (OTC:CLIS)

Clickstream is a mobile application and blockchain technology company that is changing the way we look at social language learning and NFTs. It’s been a quiet couple of months for the company since it launched the premium subscription version of HeyPal, as well as rolling out onto the Google Android platform. It’s Nifter NFT marketplace had a successful beta launch where several renowned musicians lent their songs to sell as NFTs. Clickstream’s latest success has been the addition of globally recognized brands like Jay Z’s Roc Nation and the Estate of Stan Lee to its portfolio of partners. Don’t be surprised if we see another major event from Nifter sooner rather than later!


SFLMaven extended its recent streak of posting major sales numbers with another solid week despite it being shortened by the Easter holiday. Total sales volume for the week came in at $214,000 including $206,000 from the Thursday Night Auction for April 14th. CEO Joseph Ladin could not contain his excitement as the growth of the company is truly starting to show. Ladin called single night sales of more than $200,000 a regular occurrence these days, whereas in the past it would have been an extraordinary event.

Black Bird Biotech (OTC:BBBT)

Black Bird Biotech is continuing to seek EPA approval in the remaining states for its MiteXstream plant-based pesticide. The company saw some industry sympathy after the Environmental Working Group released its annual Dirty Dozen list for the produce with the most pesticides on them when analyzed at the grocery store. The list is always a reminder that we need to limit our exposure to pesticides and that new alternatives are needed.

Black Bird Biotech announced a new partnership with Spire+, a brand marketing and sales company that should help the company market its MiteX stream product. In the past Spire+ has worked with global companies like Toyota, 5-Hour Energy, and Petro Canada. Black Bird is hoping that Spire+ will have the same impact on its MiteXstream pesticide, which the company is hoping to bring to a global audience.

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