The SEC Approves iQSTEL’s S1 Filing

On Oct 24th, the SEC approved $IQST – iQSTEL’s S1 filing. This is a big deal for the company, as the S1 qualification means that the SEC has reviewed all of the company’s information and found that it meets the higher registration standards for an S1 than for a RegA.

Here’s what you need to know about this development and what it means for iQSTEL (OTCQX:IQST) going forward.

What is an S1?
An S1 is the registration statement that is commonly used for Nasdaq entities. It has a high standard, as Nasdaq only lists companies that it believes are stable and have a good chance of success.

This registration allows iQSTEL to raise $10 million through its offering, with an additional $4.8 million available through the Apollo option. This gives the company some serious firepower when it comes to funding its growth over the next 12 months.

What does this mean for iQSTEL?
This approval is a major vote of confidence from the SEC in iQSTEL’s business model and prospects for future success. It also gives the company access to a much larger pool of potential investors, which should help it reach its fundraising goals.

The SEC’s approval of iQSTEL’s S1 filing is a big win for the company. It opens up new opportunities for growth and gives investors confidence in iQSTEL’s future prospects. With up to $15 million in funding available over the next 12 months, iQSTEL is well positioned to continue its M&A campaign and drive shareholder value.


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