Clickstream’s HeyPal App is Catching Fire while Nifter & Music NFTs Show Up in an Impressive Way for Artists & Investors

Data shows that in 2020 NFT trading reached $100 million and 2021 saw NFT trading explode to $23 billion. The conversation is growing to music NFTs as artists and listeners are anxious to get in on the action.

The HeyPal language learning app is outpacing Rosetta Stone in terms of downloads, and it’s no surprise that it comes from Clickstream (OTC PINK:CLIS).

Clickstreams HeyPal app also joins stocks which include Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ: DUOL), Ceridian HCM Holding Inc (NYSE:CDAY), andNortonLifeLock Inc (NASDAQ:NLOK), all while commanding massive download numbers. Clickstream is also breaking through to the budding NFT marketplace.

Clickstream (OTC PINK:CLIS) brings people what they want in their Nifter NFT application. It has investors talking about the future of the entertainment industry. Artists are partnering with Clickstream to mintNFTs and offer a unique experience to audiences.

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