Laser Focus and Execution in the Proptech Space is Taking MetroSpaces to New Platforms

Proptech deals in 2020 reached approximately $7.3 billion! Will the industry continue to change the real estate landscape? We look closer at how blockchain technology and the Ethereum network play a factor. Proptech stocks are on the watchlist and we evaluate them extensively.

Entering into the Ethereum network with their MetroCrowd platform creates opportunity for stakeholders to see the viability of solutions in the co-living landscape via tokenization. Thanks to these novel approaches, the real estate industry may find itself improved all-around.Being very familiar with crowdfunding allows MetroSpaces to lead with credibility. Their CEO Mr. Oscar Brito recognizes that the company will continue to prove its business model.

MetroSpaces (OTC PINK:MSPC) is a proptech company combining world-class real estate acumen with leading-edge technology. The launch of their co-living and real estate tokenization with MetroCrowd is a way to drive business and NOI on assets. It also brings liquidity that investors desire, democratization of capital, and enhancements to transparency.

MetroSpaces is joining major players Opendoor Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: OPEN), Zillow Group Inc Class A (NASDAQ: ZG), &Compass Inc (NYSE: COMP)

Reinventing the real estate industry brings this organization into a space that sorely needs end-users who can access liquidity and make ample opportunities for small investors.

Learn more about this company at and follow them on social media: Twitter at,on Facebook, and Instagram at


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