Will the United Nations Make a Difference in the War on Plastic?

The recent End Plastic Pollution resolution that was passed unanimously by the United Nations is fast-tracking efforts to reduce global plastic waste. Entrance by the global governing body into the war on plastic underlines exactly how serious this crisis is becoming. According to research, over 400 million tonnes of plastic waste are created each year, a number that is expected to double by the year 2040.

Countries and corporations around the world are making efforts to curb their plastic usage. With the United Nations now set to join the fight we could see rapid escalation of policies. Even still, it’s not just about reducing the amount of plastic that is being used, it is about dealing with the massive amounts of plastic waste that already exist in our oceans. How can we do this?

Massive waste management companies like the European giant Veolia Environnement (OTC:VEOEY), Waste Management (NYSE:WM), and Cleanaway Waste Management (OTC:TSPCF) are just some of the names involved. But other smaller companies like CleanVision Corp (OTC:CLNV) are already implementing innovative recycling processes around the world.


Clean Vision, through its subsidiary CleanSeas, is working with local governments to implement Plastic Conversion Networks. These facilities take collected plastic waste and use a process called pyrolysis to convert this waste into renewable fuel sources. CleanSeas has already agreed to establish facilities in India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and recently Turkey.


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