5 Great EV Stocks to Consider in 2022

EVs are considered the future of transportation, with many countries implementing policies to combat climate change. As of mid-2022, only 5% percent of U.S auto sales were electric vehicles, but according to a recent report by Climate Action Tracker, these estimates should rise between 75 and 95%. The global EV market has massive growth potential for companies that produce or invest heavily in research into battery technology, allowing cars to be powered solely off clean electricity.

This means there’s plenty more room than ever before when it comes down to choosing your next investment opportunity!

Here are the five best stocks you can buy today if investing wisely:

Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) is the only profitable company on this list, with earnings per share (EPS) of $4.90 in 2021. Analysts expect 35% growth into 2022—a score that would make it one of America’s finest companies!

Tesla has worn many hats throughout its history; currently producing cars as well as solar panels & batteries for home energy storage products like those made by SolarCity before acquisitions took place late last year.

NIO, Inc (NYSE:NIO), which stands for New Industry Orientation, was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs from China’s tech industry who also happen to be formerly employed at BYD (Another large EV manufacturer); it has captivated markets since its founding. The company’s sales fall short of Tesla–the most significant player on this side of town but they’re still growing faster than most people expected; analysts projected that 2020 would see an increase over last year by 75%.

Li Auto (NASDAQ:LI) is an up-and-coming Chinese EV automaker. The company’s sales are expected to grow by nearly 84% over the next 12 months and move past the critical $5 billion annual revenue, reaching 90491 vehicles sold in 2021 this year (growing 177%). It has also been one of China’s better-performing auto stocks since last year when it hit a high of just under 47$.

iQSTEL (OTCQX:IQST) is our newest entry and more on the emerging growth side. A publicly listed US-based company with an independent board of directors and audit committee in 15 countries. Their Electric Vehicle Business Line offers motorcycles for work or play across North America as well as Europe; they are also working on developing their 4-seat electric car. This company is a diversified technology company with over 90 million dollars in projected revenue from the Telecom sector alone.

Lucid Group (NASDAQ:LCID) is an electric luxury car company that made its debut in 2021 with 125 vehicles and expects to deliver close to 12-14 thousand by 2022. LCID’s revenue is projected at 150% growth for the next few years before it becomes profitable – but not too far off from current levels either! The stock price declinedearly this year until June when things started stabilizing around 70% below peak prices ($64).

Stay Tuned for More on EV Stocks in the future!

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