Fintech Giants Turn to Web3 Startups Despite Crypto Winter

Recent announcements from both Visa (NYSE: V) and Mastercard (NYSE: MA) have opened some eyes in both the fintech and the traditional finance industries. The two payment giants are opening up to crypto and Web3 startup companies which could usher in further mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Of course, the crypto industry is currently mired in a so-called crypto winter as the prices of tokens have fallen alongside the equities markets.


Other fintech companies have long been associated with cryptos including PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) and Block (NYSE: SQ). In a world that is rapidly shifting towards digital payments and currencies, it seems like a logical integration to make. The fact that Visa and Mastercard are moving in this direction further cements that smart money is still bullish on cryptos.


This could allow smaller fintech platforms like Global Money One from iQSTEL (OTC: IQST) to move in this direction as well. Global Money One partners with both Visa and Mastercard to provide money transfers and digital payments from a smartphone or computer. iQSTEL already does work on the Blockchain with its BChain telecom services subsidiary. Further integration with Global Money One could allow iQSTEL to continue to build its Blockchain services.


Featured: $V $MA $PYPL $SQ $IQST


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