Industrial Hemp is an extremely renewable resource. Once harvested, the crop has a high yield of edible proteins and fibres with more than 50,000 product applications. The demand for Industrial Hemp products is increasing by the day, owing to the increasing awareness towards health among the consumers.

NASDAQ listed companies in the market include Nextleaf Solutions Ltd. (OTCQB: OILFF), HempFusion Wellness Inc. (OTCQX: CBDHF) and Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE:ACB.

On Nov.15,2021 Endexx Corporation (OTC;EDXC) the makers of BLESSWELL™ announced the relaunch of GROOMED x BLESSWELL™ Chicago Pop-Up Shop, resuming on November 17, 2021. In partnership with Endexx Corporation the exclusive, first-ever storefront of its kind which launched in late September, will once again provide high-end cuts, shaves, and facial services to men and women of the Windy City. Returning to the GROOMED space is Award-winning barber “JC Tha Barber”, accompanied by the top groomers in Chicago, including resident Jesse Elite, courtesy of Anti Broke Barbers Club. The pop-up showcases two state-of-the-art grooming stations, comfortable lounge seating with gaming and BLESSWELL™ merchandise.


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