Revenue in the language learning sector increased 33 percent to $6.18 billion in 2020. Online services cover about 10 per cent of the total income in the language learning industry. Language Learning Stocks have been on our lists for quite a while.

Language learning App stocks are Duolingo, Inc.(NASDAQ:DUOL), Meten Holding Group Ltd (TSX:METX) & Chegg Inc. (TSX:CHGG)

ClickStream Corporation (OTC:CLIS’HeyPal™ averaged 7,528 downloads per day, since launching in Google Play Store on November 9th. The app’s Growth Rate Tripled in Three Weeks. This large uptick is attributable to a few key factors: HeyPal™ becoming available to 78% more smartphone users worldwide via Android, the app going viral on Google Play and various new marketing videos targeting French, Spanish and Arabic languages. Jonathan Maxim, CEO of ClickStream subsidiary Nebula, stated: “I have seen immensely more energy, engagement and excitement within our social feeds. People are posting every day, influencers are building their audiences, and language learners are sharing their stories with me personally. It’s really inspiring, and I can’t wait to see how things unfold as we launch our cryptocurrency integration plans, Tinder-like matching feature, and premium subscriptions.


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