Spending by millennials from Mainland China, both at home and overseas, is one of the main drivers of the global luxury market. The U.S, Mainland China, and Japan are projected to have the three biggest markets for luxury goods in 2021,even though the U.S. retains the leading position for luxury goods globally. Luxury Retail Stocks are covered on PubCoInsight frequently.

Major key players include Garmin Ltd.(NASDAQ:GRMN), Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited (NASDAQ:CJEWF) &Ralph Lauren Corporation (NASDAQ:RL)

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SFLMaven Corp (OTC PINK:SFLM)’s CEO  Joseph Ladin noted “2021 has shown broad-based growth in every core metric we track, And this is a highly seasonal business, which suggests we are extremely well positioned as we head into the holiday shopping season with all engines firing. In addition, given that we do no manufacturing, we are not in any way subject to the global supply chain crisis plaguing so many retailers this year. In fact, we may actually see a boost from diverted demand as primary dealers face potential inventory shortfalls.” Due to continuing global supply chain constraints, the Company stands to benefit from inventory building problems faced by competing luxury goods dealers that manufacture products and rely on logistics and supply chain factors as holiday demand spikes later this quarter. This could further bolster growth in the Company’s primary revenue-producing segment. SFLMaven also continues to develop its new Collectibles Marketplace strategy. As noted in its communications in September, the Company has launched a new segment that focuses on the thriving collectibles market, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


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