Europe is expected to lead the global waste to energy market with Germany, France, and Switzerland contributing highest in the region. The Asia Pacific region is expected to exhibit the highest growth during the forecast period. The demand from major economies in the region such as China, Japan, and India is expected to be the primary growth factor for the Asia Pacific region. Waste to Energy Stocks are frequently covered on PubCoInsight.

Major Nasdaq stocks are Agilyx AS Ord (NASDAQ:AGXXF), Veolia Environnement(NASDAQ:VEOEF) &Hitachi Zosen Corp  (NASDAQ:HIZOF)

On November 30, 2021 Clean Vision Corp (OTC:CLNV) announced that, pursuant to its Clean-Seas subsidiary’s purchase of a waste plastic-to-energy pyrolysis plant to showcase its technology in India announced November 16, it is poised to enter the $125 billion hydrogen generation marketplace which analysts project increasing to $184 billion by 2028. Clean-Seas, along with its technology partners, is developing improved methods of converting mixed plastic waste to efficiently produce hydrogen and store it with state-of-the-art fuel cell technology further enhancing the project’s economics. The Clean-Seas pyrolysis plant is being retrofitted in California accordingly and readied for shipment to Hyderabad for a Q1 2022 installation.


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