Revenue in the Luxury Watches & Jewelry segment amounts to US$57,293m in 2021. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.91% (CAGR 2021-2025). The biggest market currently for Luxury Watches & Jewelry is in China. Luxury Retail Stocks made our watchlist.

NASDAQ AND NYSE listed stocks include but are not limited to  International Luxury Products Inc ( NASDAQ:ILXP), Emles Luxury Goods ETF (NYSE:LUXE) and Signet Jewelers LTD (NYSE: SIG)

SFLMaven Corp (OTC PINK:SFLM), is a provider of premium, high-end luxury jewellery and goods to discerning clientele globally Recently their personal online eBay store Surpassed 100k Positive Feedbacks. With this great news, their reputation as an honest dealer of top-quality fine jewellery and luxury goods has been strengthened. The company also reported a 32% sequential monthly growth in revenues. They have also signed a lucrative deal with the artist  SubtleCodes to create 50 unique NFT artworks. Their eBay store is expected to continue growing and help the company’s standing in the stock market.


$SFLM – SFLMaven, Inc

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