How the Retail Sector is Dominating the Metaverse

A recent Technavio report suggests that the Metaverse Real Estate and Retail market could grow by more than $5 billion through 2026.

At this point, it seems like there is no avoiding the Metaverse. What has been tabbed as the next iteration of the internet and a meeting point of virtual worlds has already made waves through the tech industry. When virtual plots of land began selling for millions of dollars, many wondered if the Metaverse and its real estate industry were in a bubble.

The key to Metaverse land is the same as in the real world: scarcity is driving demand which subsequently drives the prices. Metaverse environments like Decentraland and the Sandbox have sold land to major corporations like Samsung, Nike (NYSE:NKE), and JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM). The Metaverse has even hit the fashion industry with companies like Gucci and now, SFLMaven (OTC:SFLM) joining in the fun.

SFLMaven is an online-based high-end jewelry retailer that will be opening its Metaverse doors on May 18th. The company gained fame with its popular eBay store, and is now setting its sights on the NFT market in Decentraland. SFLMaven is fully embracing the digital economy as it has also invested in Bitcoin (BTC) and added the blue-chip cryptocurrency to its accepted payment methods. SFLMaven has been providing sequential monthly revenue growth and is set to be the world’s first vintage digital jewelry store in the Metaverse.


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