mRNA Inflammatory Index: A New Way to Treat Chronic Diseases

The Inflammatory index is a diagnostic tool that uses mRna sequencing to measure the levels of inflammation in a patient’s body. By analyzing the data from patients with chronic levels of inflammation they hope to be able to accurately diagnose and predict diseases related to inflammation. This could potentially help doctors determine how best to treat these conditions and provide more effective treatments.

This would be an incredible development for the healthcare industry, particularly with companies like Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV), and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) already working on treatments.

Precision Genomics A Ludwig Enterprises Company is hoping its mRNA Inflammatory Index can be used in conjunction with existing treatments. If patients can have a predictable and specified path to a particular disease, it becomes easier to manage and watch for certain symptoms, as well as improving the chances of survival due to early detection.

Featured: $LUDG $PFE $ABBV $JNJ


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