Trading in Penny Stocks for Potentially High Returns

As a penny stock trader, you might be interested in how to trade professionally using technical analysis for getting into the swing low or retracement. A good way of making money off these low-priced stocks is by selling them when they reach higher prices and buying back at lower levels so that your portfolio grows with time as well!

If investing longer term isn’t really what suits your skillset – there’s no shame if it comes down just being able do something quickly on hand instead; we recommend opening an account on a broker that accepts OTC Market stocks such as E*TRADE or Schwab which offers both day trading AND long/high yield investment options (depending upon preference). A few starter penny stocks on our radar include: OTC: SFLM, OTCQX: IQST, OTC:CLNV and OTC: LUDG.

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Featured: $SFLM $IQST $CLNV $LUDG.

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