PubCo Q&A: Speculating on iQSTEL Recent Tweet

Q: PubCo Insight, what’s your speculative opinion on this recent tweet from iQSTEL?

A: IQSTEL’s recent tweet announcing its participation in the MWC Barcelona 2023 event has sparked interest among industry observers and potential investors. The tweet reveals that the company’s team will be showcasing its Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunications, SMS, and blockchain platforms, as well as demonstrating its proprietary IoTSmartGas and IoTSmartTank solutions at the event.

This is an exciting development for IQSTEL and its shareholders, as participation in such a high-profile industry event could lead to increased visibility, partnership opportunities, and potential investment. Additionally, the tweet suggests that IQSTEL is considering an uplisting to the NYSE, a major milestone that could have significant implications for the company’s valuation and liquidity.

From an outsider’s perspective, IQSTEL’s focus on IoT and telecommunications, as well as its proprietary solutions, positions the company well in a rapidly growing industry. The MWC Barcelona event provides an excellent opportunity for IQSTEL to showcase its expertise and establish itself as a key player in the IoT and telecommunications space. Furthermore, an uplisting to the NYSE could provide increased exposure and liquidity, potentially attracting more institutional investors and driving further growth.

Overall, IQSTEL’s recent tweet signals an exciting time for the company and its shareholders. As the company continues to expand its presence in the industry, it will be interesting to see how it capitalizes on the opportunities presented by the MWC Barcelona event and potential uplisting to the NYSE.

(Disclaimer: This is purely opinion and has not been endorsed or verified by iQSTEL). Please read our full legal disclaimer as well.


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