“Rolling Recession” or Just Tiresome Terminology?

By Oke Kay Snyder

Roll, roll, roll your recession, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; is it but a dream?

Now, I’m not one to get caught up in economic jargon, but it seems like some folks have a flair for the dramatic. Oxford Economics, for instance, claims that our economy might not be in a traditional recession, but in a rolling recession. No, this isn’t the latest sushi roll or some fancy new Pilates move, it’s apparently our current economic state.

They describe it as a scenario where some industries contract while others grow, which leaves our GDP positively nonplussed – kinda like when you go to a buffet and you’ve overeaten, but the dessert table looks so tempting. So, in essence, we’re not fully in doom, nor completely in bloom.

The argument that Americans are “crashing” the economy because of their “experience-hungry” consumption behavior has me wondering. Have we become economic vampires, voraciously consuming experiences to the point of recession? What’s next? Blaming the resurgence of bell-bottoms?

I don’t know about you, but after being holed up for the better part of two years during the pandemic, a little splurge at a restaurant or on a holiday doesn’t seem all that criminal. Maybe it’s just the universe’s way of balancing things out. The travel and leisure sectors are flourishing – isn’t that what we want post-lockdown?

Yet, sectors like manufacturing and construction are, according to our expert friends, not having the same party. It’s a little like being the kid not invited to the cool group’s summer bash. So, should we put on a somber face because not everyone got the golden ticket?

In the midst of this “rolling” debate, some bullish economists like Moody’s Mark Zandi predict a softer landing, pointing to factors like light household debt and stable oil prices. Who to believe, right?

Here’s a thought: perhaps it’s time to redefine what an economic downturn looks like. If we’re judging the state of the economy based on pre-pandemic standards, aren’t we setting ourselves up for disappointment?

Finally, while I understand the importance of numbers and forecasts, it’s high time we stopped treating the economy like it’s some fragile porcelain vase. It’s been through wars, depressions, technological revolutions, and yes, even pandemics.

So, as for the looming “rolling recession”? Maybe we’re in it, or perhaps it’s just another buzzword to add to our ever-growing economic lexicon. Either way, let’s roll with the punches. After all, isn’t adaptability the hallmark of a robust economy? Cheers to hoping the next roll is towards prosperity! ?

Disclaimer: All satire and wit aside, it’s essential to keep informed and make financial decisions based on sound advice and not just the fluctuating opinions of the day. Always consult with professionals before making significant economic moves.

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